Live simply and cut out what holds you back

Simple is fine by me. After all, my first home was a tiny house.

I have a habit of moving. So do a lot of people. Anyone who has gone off to school, taken their career to a different city or moved for the sake of love, knows what it’s like to pilfer through their belongings to determine what they would want and need the most to make their next chapter a seamless page turn.

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Need a lift? Try thrifting

Shake that piggy bank!

When money is tight and your budget is bursting but you still have things you need in order to get by – there’s no better place to find such things, than in a secondhand store.

Yep, that’s right, I’m telling you to turn to used stuff if there’s really a must have on your to-do list.

So maybe you’re new to thrift store shopping or yard sales — have no fear. Sure the stores aren’t always located in the most prime locations or up-to-date strip malls, but to each her own. These stores are jam-packed with tons of items to pilfer through. You just have to be willing to open yourself up to this kind of shopping experience if you’re not so adventuresome (also a little patience might help).

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