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Close-up of figurine couple on wedding cake

Happy figurine couple on wedding cake, oblivious of challenges they may face.

Oh’ the joys of matrimony

For those of us in relationships, money can be one of the BIGGEST polarizing topics that can easily slip into conversation every hour, on the hour… EVERY DAY. Just look at your own partnership and ask yourself — are you the saver or spender? There could be two savers or two spenders — but of the two, chances are one is more dominant in one area over the other. Looking at my husband’s habits compared to my own, it’s clearer than it’s ever been that I’m the saver out of the duo…

Jason is by far the one who enjoys nice things, looking at them… touching them, then buying them and bringing them into our home. I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with having expensive taste or admiring and wanting fine things, but there’s a time and a place for it. I know somewhere down the line I’ll look to water down my cheapness and open my wallet a bit more, but at present, our money fights and differences over how to save and spend have created strong divides with little to no room for compromise. And I don’t see myself budging to indulge his whims and wants. So, hubby… if you’re reading this… here it is in print: I simply don’t think now is a good time for us to be daydreaming about our wants, we’ve got time – years and years for that.

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