Ready, set, SAVE with secondhand

Secondhand savings can bring big smiles to hunters on the prowl for a good deal.

Spending money can be fun for some, but for me – SAVING money is really what brings on the excitement and personal glow. For me, saving dollars here and there offers an AMAZING sense of joy and accomplishment. Endorphin’s anyone?

In previous posts I’ve outlined some of the ways I enjoy saving the most, and a big one I discuss is realizing savings through the purchase of secondhand items. But, in this piece I want to focus on the potential savings that can be realized by shopping at thrift stores and using these venues as a main destination for meeting some of your basic clothing and household needs.

Here’s just a couple of ways you can save even more, when shopping secondhand

Think their item is overpriced? Ask for a discount. If you ever find yourself in a thrift store or consignment shop and aren’t quite sold on the store’s asking price for a certain item, feel free to go ahead and ask for a discount. Embarrassed at that thought? Don’t be. How else will they know they’re turning off potential buyers with off-base prices?

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