Don’t underestimate the value of used

Simple savings can yield BIG benefits

For years I’ve donated or tossed out my old, used and no longer wanted clothing items. I would ask myself… “Would anyone really pay for this or should I just give it away?” Much of the time I would just give in to the convenience of donation centers and throw bits and pieces out at a time. Over the years I’ve gotten rid of gently worn dresses, skirts and other wardrobe pieces I no longer wore or wanted without thinking much about the costs that were lost. And what lends to an event worse feeling is that stores like PLATO’S CLOSET and Buffalo Exchange weren’t that much of a help either. I always felt scammed when I left those stores with little cash in hand and knowing how much money was likely left on the table. They’re out for profit after all.

But I was naive and I let these outlets take advantage of my lack of knowledge and laziness to pursue other avenues. It wasn’t until recently that I started maximizing my use of digital sales sites such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and other social media sites for my smaller items such as purses and accessories.

I guess I never really thought much money could come from my wardrobe if the store clerks at the consignment stores weren’t all to eager to take my stuff. I also thought the big bucks were made on furniture and electronics. So, for years I’ve thought wrong. Money is to be had from our clothing that’s in good condition and is just no longer in the pool of pieces we pull from.

TIP: Wear your clothes until you're tired of them, then sell them to recoup some cash!

TIP: Wear your clothes until you’re tired of them, then sell them to recoup some cash!

Now, with my renewed commitment to making money back on these pieces, I find myself trying to sell anything and everything under the sun once I’m done with it. This basic attempt to sell gives my wallet a fighting chance. But there’s more to it than an attempt at being savvy. For me, I get a great feeling of accomplishment out of buying something, wearing it around until I’m bored with it and then simply selling it off so someone else can get their fix.

Not only do I get a portion of my initial investment back with this behavior – but more often than not, I turn a small profit. Now I find a sense of fun and accomplishment through the purging and that ignites an excitement within me to sell more and more. Yes! An endless cycle of spending a little and saving a lot!

My only regrets about this entire journey is that I only wish I would’ve been more exploratory sooner. Never did I realize that there was a huge demand for name-brand items at a discount. Just imagine all the dollars we miss out on when we undervalue our gently used items and then just give them away. #upsetting

If you like this concept or how I write and want to follow more of my thoughts, check me out on Twitter @cheapgirlsaves. Leave other ideas in the comment section below. I want to know what you have to say and what tips you might have to offer.

Peace and much love.

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