This year’s life lesson = gratitude

Throughout the hustle and bustle of this year’s holiday season, I’ve sat silently and observantly, watching the attitudes and spending behaviors of others and then looking inwards at my own life. Measuring my performance in some ways.

Without judgement and an open mind, I’ve come to some realizations about who I am as person based on where and how I spend my money. The vicious hunt for Hatchimals, coffeemakers and more has lead me to recall all the things in my own life that I desire… and have ever found worth fighting for.

And most of the things that come to mind believe it or not… are not the things that lose their luster over time. They’re not the things I spent hours online… scouring over in order to find a better price before buying. It’s really the stuff I overlook every day and take for granted. The people and places and things I treasure deep down, but oftentimes pass up for the things of this world.

The following is a list of things I’ve found worth fighting for that can’t be replaced or simple washed away without a fight.

  1. My relationship with God. It hasn’t been an easy road. Over the year’s I’ve done more taking than giving… but finally I’m feeling closer to the point where I honor God as my Father daily and attribute all my successes to Him. He knows best, and I know that honoring His will… is really what brings me peace. I’m now grateful to my mother for sending me to Catholic school. Nine years of this education has helped instill in me a sound moral compass. I know right from wrong, I know pain, suffering and mercy. I’m grateful.
  2. My family. This fall I got married. And now for the first time in my life I feel at peace, knowing there’s someone who loves me enough to tolerate me through the ups and downs of the often times upsetting road we call life. It’s a nice feeling… and again, it only happened because I followed God’s will. If I had married years ago, I know it wouldn’t have felt like this. I’m very fortunate to have Jason by my side and in my heart.
  3. My career and education.  In the summer of 2010 I left graduate school with strong hopes of a lasting career in television news. A layoff, poor wages and unhealthy work environments years later lead me to take the other fork in the road. Now in the world of PR and marketing… there is a steadier drum beat inside me. I’m grateful to have the work I do, and to have listened to my inner voice to leave shallower aspirations in the dust. I’m even grateful for the trying life lessons I’ve learned along the painful way.
  4. The Four Walls. Dave Ramsey says you must include the, “Four Walls,” in your budget. They’re so important to the foundation of one’s life and daily behaviors…. that doing without just one of the walls… could bring the financial and emotional house crumbling down. Because of their significance and inherent need,  I firmly believe that more should go into recognizing the four walls and appreciating their roles in our daily lives. They’re a blessing… also given by God. It’s the food, clothing, shelter and transportation… that keep one functioning… and they by far are more precious than rubies. After all, a full belly, let alone a house — is a luxury to many in this world.

So that’s not even the half of the things I can and should be grateful for… but it’s a strong start. Maybe wisdom really does come with age… maybe I’m just growing grateful because of all the year’s I felt like I never had enough… when silently, I had more than my fair share.


Jason, Fox and I summer 2016.

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Please leave other ideas in the comment section below. I want to know what you have to say and what tips you might have to offer. Merry Christmas.

Peace and much love.


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