Pick your poison

How consumerism could be the cause of your money ailments

For some it’s neck ties and blu-rays. For others it’s a barrage of pricey hair products, “As Seen on TV,” gadgets and more. I once dated a guy who didn’t seem to have the discipline to resist anything. It was as if his interest and aims had no limit. He had multiple obsessions and weak spots for spending and it put my stomach in knots.

For example… this guy routinely wined and dined me on weeknights week after week, he paid for our massage club memberships and had a monthly subscription box dropped off at his doorstep. He also had a thing for wine clubs and a pricey nutritional product subscription tied to a pyramid scheme, catching my drift?

In my mind he had a million dollar lifestyle with a weak savings account and hefty student loan debt to show for it.

He acted as if there was no limit to what he could have and no inner voice telling him “No.” While his lifestyle looked flashy and appealing to some and it seemed he could afford it all, I often questioned to myself if his retirement could. The way I saw it was costly men’s products sitting unused in his shower… and diet bars expiring in his kitchen cabinets.

Why am I telling you this?

I share this here because each and every one of us is guilty of doing this sometime or other. I’ve caught myself numerous times buying tools I don’t need, getting makeup samples via snail mail etc. Sure it feels good to get something here and there, but thinking back—I know those buys have been such a waste. But that’s how we are. We as consumers buy products or services we don’t want or need from time to time and it gives us a BIG rush. But then time sets in—we let them sit around, maybe age or mold over and then they fall by the wayside. They go to the trash or local thrift store as does the money used to buy them.

Long story short, all of our purchases can add up if we’re not keeping track of what we have or set any sort of limit for ourselves. If you’re not watching your bank statements— whoa… look out. You could be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month on things you don’t need but that make you feel good in the moment. It could be much more than you ever planned to spend or can really afford to.

What’s your aim?

If financial security is your goal, this blog can help you. I have experience and advice with cutting waste and cheapgirlsaves.com offers numerous success stories and easily applicable tips to keep you on track and motivated. One simple way you can curb your spending this week—is by reviewing your monthly subscription services.

Find out just how much you’re paying to stream music and movies, get groceries sent to your door or for a gym membership that’s largely going unexercised.

Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” or how about, “Am I really making the most of this or can I do without it?”

Take inventory of where your money is going. You could save yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars a year—by just asking yourself these simple questions. Any potential savings you can find could really mean extra dough going towards your student loans, mortgage balance, or a larger stash in your retirement account.

If you like this concept or how I write and want to follow more of my thoughts, check me out on Twitter @cheapgirlsaves.

Kindly leave other ideas in the comment section below. I want to know what you have to say and what tips you might have to offer.

Peace and much love.


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