Take someone’s trash and turn it into treasure

#Shameless dumpster diver by choice

Before we get to gist of what I enjoy about other people’s junk, let me give you some background about myself. I have a passion for buying things that I find value in when others have spurned them.

I love finding my clothing and accessories on the cheap, I’m saying real cheap.

We’re not just talking clearance rack or yellow dot sale cheap, I mean, I predominantly wear clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry etc. that I’ve found at various thrift stores or on deep, deep discount. So, if you’re thinking out of season reject pile at the department store… then you’re smelling what I’m stepping in.

At any given moment you can add up what I paid for (not including gifts from others) various pieces of clothing in any outfit I’m wearing and the sum of the items with be less than 20 bucks. No joke.

Take this day for example. My sweater is used – the brand is The Limited and I paid $3 for it. The pants I’m wearing were just .99 and the flats on my feet were new from Payless for $10. So a stylin’ ensemble for  $14 – and keep in mind this is far, far less than any of my monthly water bill or other utilities for that matter. It’s likely cheaper than a months worth of runs to the coffee shop.

teenage girl looking for clothes at a flea market

Girl shopping for used clothing. #upcycle

Ralph Lauren Pants for .99 anyone? That’s my style.

The most recent sale I walked in on was happening at a secondhand non-profit in my small hometown. I didn’t have anything in particular on my want list that day, but I saw their sign out front, “50% off Storewide from 8 a.m. till Noon.” Wow! What a deal – it was 11:55 a.m. so I went straight to the purse rack and… SCORE! I came across a BCBG PARIS navy blue purse for $1.49 after the markdown. Vegan leather, a pebble like pattern. The strap was still in its original plastic wrap and neatly tucked inside the body of the bag. Incredible! Unused… just unwanted, donated and waiting for my happy self.

I made it back to the register in time for the handbag to be included in the 50% off sale. It’s instances like this when I hit cloud nine and then begin to wonder to myself, “Why in the world did it’s first owner not want it?”

More stories like this…

Another time . . . I walked away with a pair of Duck Boots for 25 cents. Yes, just 25 cents! To this day it’s one of the greatest catches I’ve caught. After looking up comparable items online later that day, my mouth dropped.

Brand new Duck Boots by Sperry or L.L. Bean were going for tens to hundreds of dollars! Yikes! Who wants to pay a billion percent more or MORE for something they can find gently used for far less than a buck? Do they know they’re missing out or losing money?

“Used,” they might snub as their reasoning, but I hate getting that reaction from people… they claim they’d never wear a used scarf let alone previously worn shoes. How dare I suggest it!

But the simple truth is that styles change – clothes depreciate. It’s called “fast fashion” for a reason. We wear a pair of pants once and then boom, “they’re used.”

Wouldn’t we all have more cash in our pockets if we wanted a little less and lowered our standards a little more in order to get something used at a price we couldn’t argue with?

Why not take someone else’s trash and make it your own treasure.

If you like how I think or how I write and want to follow more of my thoughts, check me out on Twitter @cheapgirlsaves.

Please leave other ideas in the comment section below. I want to know what you have to say and what tips you might have to offer.

Peace and much love.

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