About me

You guessed it! I’m a cheap girl. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a dumpster diving diva and thrift-store junkie. It’s not like I stumbled into this lifestyle though . . . I was pretty much born into it. It’s been my way of surviving, meeting basic needs and taking care of myself. Now, here in my thirties, being cheap is just a part of who I am and I want to share that side with you.

Keep in mind, we all have different ideas of what “cheap” looks like. There’s got to be some scale for personal savings practices. I fall somewhere in the middle of the scale in my head, so please, don’t for one second think that I’m cheap to a fault. I’ve waited enough tables to know you don’t bust out a calculator to determine what 15-20 percent looks like. That’s a bunch of crap. However, I do know it’s fair to ask for a discount on a new blouse when a button is missing.

My biggest hopes for this site is that my readers become more open to saving a buck here and there by taking on some of my tried and true wisdom developed over a young lifetime of saving for survival.


I have a masters degree in public affairs from the University of Illinois and a bachelors in broadcast journalism from Illinois State University.

I paid my own way through six years of schooling by taking on numerous student loans and side jobs. I worked off the $37,000 plus in student loans within two years of graduate school. During that time, I went through a recession, a full-time job, a lay off and five part-time jobs in order to put the debt behind me.

Now, I work one job and have free time to write for myself and for you here on this blog. Reach out here or find me on Twitter @cheapgirlsaves.

Peace and much love.

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